Re: Primer draft with GET Additions

Paul Prescod wrote:
 > Anyhow, the text you disagree with is merely a restatement of the
 > relevant TAG finding in a SOAP context!

If the TAG finding you are referring to is, then it 
specifically refers to the 4K limit (actually, it specifies 4000), and 
it contains a link to as "representing the 
initial investigations into requirements and proposed solution".  That 
latter document specifically limits its scope to Simple RPC style SOAP 
requests, which are without headers (it expresses this requirement as 
BODY only) and with no structured parameters.

This precisely matches the concerns that I enumerated (basically because 
I had done my homework).

Why should the TAG and/or the XMLP working group consider imposing a 
higher bar on the future of SOAP than has ever been contemplated on HTML?

- Sam Ruby

Received on Sunday, 16 June 2002 19:51:24 UTC