Re: AFTF: new draft (resent)

Shouldn't this "extension" be documented in Part 2? Is this a new LC issue?


"Williams, Stuart" wrote:

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> Ok... however, I think that this is an extension of the convention described
> in Part 2 section 5 [1].
> What I think that you are allowing is a property value to be a reference to
> another context structure of some kind (in this case you've called it a
> Compound SOAP structure) which is itself another property container. Cool...
> hadn't thought of that.
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> What you're introducing (which extends the model at [1]) is almost a way of
> doing complex value typing for property values (by reference to a
> subordinate context that carries an expected set of property values). Yes...
> I think that is neater than extending out the property names with facits
> (which is also an extension to the model BTW).

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