RE: FW: LC Comments: Web Method Feature

> > The Honda Odyssey is based on the Honda
> > Accord *chassis*, not on the Accord body.
> Fair enough. Still, the basic architecture of an automobile 
> hasn't changed
> much since 1920 or so, so there is a lot of shared 
> understanding of what a
> "chassis", "body", etc. is. We don't have that yet ... 

I make my living finding the "chassis" in the software systems
we have to extend and improve.  Many software experts I know also
have this skill; many have more of it than I do.

> > 
> > In object oriented design, we are admonished to think real 
> hard about
> > whether X "really isa" Y before we rush in with 
> inheritance.  Doesn't
> > that same kind of design care warrant here?
> Hmmm ... on the other hand, there was no "web" until there 
> was a TCP/IP
> infrastructure to build it on ... and there were no "web 
> services" until
> there was a "web."   I'd guess that a better analogy is "extreme
> programming" since we (the developers of "the web" broadly 
> defined) don't
> REALLY know what we want to build until we build it, and then 
> we have to
> refactor everything and start over again because "customer" 
> expectations
> changed once they had something to play with.

Well, if we're going to take the XP approach to web services, then
we need a real customer NOW, and we need him ON SITE!  This is
a problem, though, because the "customer" of web services is another
programmer.  And programmers are notoriously bad when it comes
to requirements in tension with cool technology. :-)


Received on Monday, 8 July 2002 10:15:27 UTC