SOAP Encoding: Default values

Section 3.6[1] of Part 2[2] states;

'An omitted accessor element implies either a default value or that no value
is known. The specifics depend on the accessor, method, and its context. For
example, an omitted accessor typically implies a Null value for polymorphic
accessors (with the exact meaning of Null accessor-dependent). Likewise, an
omitted Boolean accessor typically implies either a False value or that no
value is known, and an omitted numeric accessor typically implies either
that the value is zero or that no value is known.'
I'm not convinced that this text is at all useful. It seems to say

'If the accessor isn't there, then any number of things might be true...'
and doesn't say much about what those things might be.

What is the paragraph *supposed* to be saying?




Received on Friday, 15 February 2002 13:50:25 UTC