Re: XMLP/XMLE Use cases and processing models


Some clarification questions below.


David Orchard wrote:

> The steps that the soap decrypting node might go through - assuming that
> every step passes validation - are:
> 1. Receive the message.
> 2. Validate the message with the encrypted content.

I think this might be read three ways: the entire envelope has been encrypted, (part of)
the Body has been encrypted, or a header block has been encrypted. Which one did you mean?

> 3. Decrypt the encrypted content.
> 4. Forward the message to the ultimate receiver.
> The the ultimate receiver would:
> 1. Validate the message with the decrypted content against the schema
> without encryption

Presumably, the above step is SOAP specific, so schema validation is optional?

> 2. Pass the message to the application software.

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