Proposal for resolving issue 40: Support resource constrained devices


Regarding issue 40 [1] of which you are listed as the owner:

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While SOAP1.1 may indeed be adequate for some simple exchanges usable on
small systems, hopefully XML Protocol will do a better job of addressing
these needs explicitly.

Proposal: From Marwan: The issues here are: 1) To ensure that SOAP 1.2
apps work in a variety of environments. Such environments include
resource-constrained applications. SOAP 1.2 uses other W3C standards. In
this fashion, SOAP 1.2 is easy to deploy. 2) SOAP 1.2 make use of XML
standards where appropriate. Such standards include XML namespaces, and
XML schemas.  

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Given our modular design and our XML based "design space" is there
anything we expect to be able to address more explicitly than what we
already have?

Henrik Frystyk Nielsen 


Received on Monday, 29 October 2001 18:38:26 UTC