new SOAP Encoding spec issue

 Hi all. 8-)
 I've this issue with the current specification of the SOAP
Encoding: it does not define strictly the mapping of the encoding
to XML Schema. This has caused, for example, a very weird way of
specifying the array information attributes in WSDL [1]:

<complexType name="ArrayOfFloat">
    <restriction base="soapenc:Array">
      <attribute ref="soapenc:arrayType"

I think that specifying an array's type should be possible
without resorting to extensions from a different namespace, but
even if this is necessary, in my opinion the namespace should be
soap-encoding, not of the particular language that needs to say
"the message contains an array of floats".

So I think we should add some wording to say how exactly types
are described in XML Schema and what to do with schemas that
don't map back to our encoding (for example complex types
containing application-defined attributes.)

                            Jacek Kopecky


Received on Monday, 15 October 2001 10:09:53 UTC