how to send/receive dynamic xml file through servlet !!

Hi Everybody,

I want to make an application to communicate between two server through
XML in following manner:-

1. There is Server A and Server B.

2. Server B will call a servlet "x" at server A this will invoke an VB
application at server A and it will generate some XML file as a result.

3. Now Server A will call another servlet "y" at server B and sends the
dynamic generated XML file.

4. Servlet "Y" at server B will read this dynamic file and then stores
its data in a database.

I don't whether this sounds crazy or it is a simple procedure? I would
appreciate if somebody would like to comment on it.

Thanks in advance for the help extended.

with best regards,
Arun Mahajan

Received on Monday, 23 July 2001 05:12:54 UTC