Comments on the HTTP binding

Here are some comments on the HTTP binding as a result of running over it for
sending to the group tomorrow.  I'll send the slightly edited version out in a
group with the other pieces of text.  In general I was pretty pleased at how
comprehensible it was (though there's always room for improvement).   Kudos to

* I'd agree with the comment that the state transition diagrams might be better
left in the MEP description, and not repeated in the HTTP binding.

* It might be illustrative to include HTTP examples of what goes on the wire,
similar to the "HTTP examples" section of the SOAP 1.1 spec.

* I tweaked the text of the "3xx" response code to use the
transport:immediateDestination property.

* I edited the text in the Receiving state to include the notion that the
"currentMessage" property is an infoset, and the HTTP response contains a
serialized SOAP envelope (seeing as we're not dealing with attachments).  If we
want to expand this to allow other types of entities to be returned, we should
make the text which describes such things explicit and crisp.

* In the "framing" note we should make clear that this is a work in progress
and that there are still unresolved issues - but that in particular we're
looking for feedback on the structure and tone of this type of presentation.


Received on Tuesday, 4 December 2001 00:25:25 UTC