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What do you mean by "support" and "requires something"?  If SOAP requires 
that some, maybe even all software, change 1 parameter, does that count as 
"not supported"?  It seems to me that if SOAP requires a configuration 
change, then the software supports it and requires no software change. 
 Certainly a separate download and install isn't required.  I separate and 
distinguish between code changes and on-site configuration changes, and I'm 
wondering what you and others think.

Do you classify configuration changes under "suddenly requires" or 


On Tuesday, August 28, 2001 1:38 PM, Mark Nottingham [] 
> > If an arbitrary limitation of the software gets in the way of 
> > useful real-world uses then it is lacking a feature whether we call it
> > broken or not.
> I don't think it's arbitrary; implementations need to protect
> themselves from overflow attacks, etc. Of course, if the world
> decides that longer URIs are a good and useful thing, fine. However,
> one of the ideas behind having HTTP bindings for SOAP is that it will
> be able to use the existing infrastructure (re-use existant HTTP
> stacks, and use HTTP for routing out of the firewall). If SOAP
> suddenly requires something that a good part of that infrastructure
> doesn't support, we lose a lot of value.

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