Re: SOAP and the Web architecture

Hi David,

David Crowley wrote:
> Having a nice GET syntax for a particular service might be nice, but I
> don't see how SOAP could do that.  Even a "simple" SOAP request is a fairly
> long stream of bytes and typing in a hex/base64/whatever encoded stream of
> XML bytes on a command line doesn't sound fun.  Perhaps some of the work
> done in Kafka could help? Some kind of XSLT that could transform a "simple"
> input into a true SOAP message which is then sent (by lynx or whatever) and
> then your XSLT to parse the response...
It's been pointed out to me that the exslt:document element
( which is
specified as part of exslt, an xslt community extension project, might
be a good framework for something like this.

I don't really understand the semantics of having an exslt:document
element inside a variable or parameter, but I can imagine something

<xsl:variable name="price">
	<exslt:web-sevice protocol="SOAP-1.2" href="" ...>

where $price would then contain the results of the web-service call. 

However we may be veering off-topic for this list - it's beginning to
look a bit more like an xml-dev thread.


Received on Tuesday, 28 August 2001 08:16:59 UTC