RPC procedure error issue

During last week's teleconference, I was asked to post the following
issue, with respect to the current RPC faults proposal.

The proposal includes the following sentence: "Procedure level errors,
ie those that might normally be expected when executing a procedure,
SHOULD be indicated in a successful RPC response containing some
application-dependent indication of a failure."

My reading of this proposal is that if we go that way, we will
assimilate procedure errors, ie service execution errors, to a
successful execution of the procedure (at least at first glance),
which I think is wrong. There is a strong difference in semantics
between a successful execution and a failed execution, and I think we
should make that difference explicit and unambiguous. Clearly, this is
what the Java (or C#) programmer would do, raising an exception.

I propose that we report "procedure level errors" as an explicit
"rpc:ProcedureFailed" fault.


Received on Monday, 27 August 2001 04:06:50 UTC