Re: SOAP and the Web architecture

On Fri, Aug 24, 2001 at 01:50:31AM -0400, Mark Baker wrote:
> > I do scratch my head, however, at the attempted application of REST
> > to SOAP. I won't say more until I get a bit more up to speed on it ;)
> Heh.  Well, FWIW, I believe that the few times I've spoken out with
> much rigour is because I felt that a REST-friendly use of SOAP[1]
> wasn't given the priority it deserved by the WG, and that SOAP 1.2
> would be unusable to me.

I hope you mean that the 'default' HTTP binding would be unusable,
not the entire framework, no? Or do these issues leak beyond?

> The response code argument[2], the recent "grenade" discussion,
> media types, my response (with Randy and Henrik) to the IESG about
> Keith Moore's I-D, etc..  The basis of all of those arguments, for
> the most part, was my understanding of REST.

Yep, that's all clear now; it seems to illuminate a lot of what
you've said. Unfortunately, Roy's dissertation isn't exactly compact,
but I'll soldier through  ;) 


Mark Nottingham

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