RE: Proposed replacement text for final paragraph in Section 3

Great - maybe clarify "specification" as in

	"elements and attributes defined in this specification"


	"element and attribute information items defined in this
	 specification with a namespace identifier of
	 '', 'http://...'

Given the restriction to these parts, it might be good to have a note
saying that SOAP has nothing to say about data not defined by SOAP:

	"Note that it is outside the scope of this specification
	 whether information items not defined by SOAP does or
	 does not require schema processing."

Btw, only "REQUIRED" and not "REQUIRES" in upper-case in listed as a
reserved term in section 1.2 [1]. Therefore it might be better to say:
"It is REQUIRED that..."

>A SOAP message MUST NOT impose any XML schema processing 
>(assessment and
>validation) requirement on the part of any receiving SOAP node 
>with respect to the elements and attributes defined in this 
>specification. Therefore, SOAP REQUIRES that all attribute 
>information items defined in this specification be carried in 
>the serialized SOAP envelope or that the defaults defined by 
>this specification apply.



Received on Thursday, 16 August 2001 20:18:24 UTC