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As promised on the WG telcon of yesterday here is proposed rewording of the
last paragraph of Section 3 for the Infoset version of the spec

Existing text;

With the exception of the SOAP mustUnderstand attribute (see section 4.2.3)
and the SOAP actor attribute (see section 4.2.2), it is generally
permissible to have attributes and their values appear in XML instances or
alternatively in schemas, with equal effect. That is, declaration in a DTD
or schema with a default or fixed value is semantically equivalent to
appearance in an instance.

Proposed replacement text;

A SOAP message MUST NOT impose any XML schema processing (assessment and
validation) requirement on the part of any receiving SOAP node with respect
to the elements and attributes defined in this specification. Therefore,
SOAP REQUIRES that all attribute information items defined in this
specification be carried in the serialized SOAP envelope or that the
defaults defined by this specification apply.


Martin Gudgin

Received on Thursday, 16 August 2001 19:40:02 UTC