Re: Issue 30: Action item 2001/06/20


Just a nit.

The href attribute should be of type "anyURI" as defined in XML schema datatypes.

It seems to me that we need to address any implications of XML Base
on the value of the href attribute if it isn't expressed as an 
absolute URI. 



Paul Cotton wrote:
> Action item 2001/06/20 asked me to clarify Issue 30 [1].  This issue
> originated in my email [2] that outlined how SOAP 1.1 meet the XML
> Protocol R4xxx Requirements:
> "R403
> ----
> Requirement: Data serialized according to the XML Protocol data
> representation may contain references to data outside the serialization.
> These references must be Uniform
> Resource Identifiers (URIs).
> Comment: The SOAP/1.1 encoding uses the "id" and "href" attributes to
> name
> and refer to resources or sub-parts of resources. The format of the href
> attribute is of type "uri-reference" as defined by XML schema. The "id"
> attribute is of type "ID" as defined by XML/1.0. There are no
> restrictions
> on the value of a URI used as value in a href attribute.
> Judgement: SOAP/1.1 covers this requirement although it is not
> explicitly
> stated that URIs can in fact point to anything."
> Issue 30 Clarification:
> In my opinion, the only point that we want to clarify (and it is only a
> clarification) is that a consequence of using URIs is that they can
> point to anything and not only within the same document (of the style
> #foo). Some implementers may be surprised that the value of the href
> attribute could be something like "" if we do
> not point this out in a clarification. In addition we might want to
> indicate that they can point to an attachment to the SOAP message [3].
> In both of the latter cases we want to be sure to indicate that these
> URI's point outside of the current SOAP message.
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
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