RPCTF Exteding the Fault Code scheme


         On our last call we talked about extending the Fault Codes with a 
two part fault code.

I have found that the SEMI SECS Protocol uses major and minor error 
messages, they are called streams and functions.

The STREAMS are well defined error numbers while the FUNCTIONS are less 
well defined and are extensible. This is used for SEMICONDUCTOR EQUIPMENT 
communications between Shop Floor Equipment and a Work Flow Application. A 
mechanism was needed to extend the basic ERROR Codes to be more vendor 

I could support something in this nature for our FAULT CODE numbering 
scheme. If we used a Major and Minor Fault Code in the same manner. I think 
this is what was suggested on the last call.

The Major Code could be defined as a general Fault Code where as the Minor 
could be much more specific.  It would also provide for a way to have Fault 
Codes for particular implementations.  The Major Code would be understood 
by all implementations while the minor many be understood by all or just a 
particular implementation.


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