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           I am having computer problems with my IBM/Informix Laptop and I
leave for
Alaska tomorrow morning, so I will be on the phone with technical support
this morning trying to get the VIRUS off my computer before my trip.

           I will not be on the call this morning.

           I have found that the SEMI SECS Protocol uses major and minor
messages,  they are called streams and functions.

           The STREAMS are well defined error numbers while the FUNCTIONS
are less
well defined and are extensible.  This is used for SEMICONDUCTOR EQUIPMENT
communications between Shop Floor Equipment and a Work Flow Application.  A

mechanism was needed to extend the basic ERROR Codes to be more vendor

           I could support something in this nature for our FAULT CODE
scheme. If we used a Major and Minor Fault Code in the same manner.  I
think this is what was suggested on the last call.

Sorry for missing the call,

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