RE: Proposed resolution: issues 78, 16

Jacek writes:

>>  RPC needs to point to the RPC element while 
>> an encoding wants to mark serialization 
>> root(s).

+1.  This is exactly the right distinction between the two. Again, I'm 
still not 100 percent sure I'm ready to endorse any particular approach, 
but I think the distinction in the potential needs is just right.   For 
better or worse, the chapter 5 encoding provides a graph data model.  One 
of its uses is for RPC, but there are other potential uses.  The root 
attribute distinguishes certain nodes in the graphs.  Chapter 7 provides 
for remote procedure call:  the proposed START tag marks the element that 
identifies the service to be called, I think.  I wonder whether something 
like METHOD= or CALL= might be more suggestive than START?  I'm not sure 
we are really starting anything, so much as distinguishing the element 
that identifies the call to be attempted.

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