Re: AMG: New AM document snapshot 27th March 2001

Jean-Jacques Moreau wrote:

> Yuhichi Nakamura wrote:
>> [...]
>> I suspect that this document [the AM]
>> describes block cosuming, but not block producing clearly.
>> Am I right?
> I think you are right, there is little said in the AM about block
> producing, apart that, once created, they are transmitted using the
> XMLP_UnitData.send primitive. Now, what else is there to say?

I was asked by the WG to draft a response to this question and the 
general issue of specification of details of message construction in the 
AM document. The sentiment expressed in the April 11th WG teleconference 
was that message construction falls outside the scope of the Abstract 
Model. Specifically, a primitive such as XMLP_UnitData.send is a 
conceptual operation and does not necessarily translate directly to an 
API for sending messages. Issues such as arbitrary insertion of blocks 
by a handler or incremental construction of a message are 
implementation-specific i.e. they may or may not be possible depending 
on the XML Protocol Layer implementation or Underlying Protocol used.


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