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Wanted: Active XML-Element

From: Ernst Boehl <ernst@boehl.com>
Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2000 01:22:21 +0100
To: <xml-dist-app@w3.org>
Coming from the mailing-list: svg-developers@egroups.com, I want to place a
request for further XML-specifications.

Here is a short description of the discussed subject (data/event-driven
animation) :

thanks for your help. You are right, a firewall is a Problem for server-side
controlled data transmission. Although, the initiation for data-transfer
comes from the client, an (demanded) active XML/SVG-element that is getting
active if a XML/SVG-document is loaded. The active element may establish and
hold up a channel, a private link or any communication link (for example:
TCP/IP,GSM,GPRS or fieldbusses like Modbus,Profibus) to the
data/event-source (may be the siteserver, the document is loaded from, or
any other server or service) until it is shut down by closing the
XML/SVG-document on the client side. The server/service is only sending data
to the client spontaneously, when the link is opened from the client und it
will stop sending data, when the link is closed. The type of communication
between client(active SVG/XML-element) and server/service (any
data/event-source) may be of XML based message-passing. The SiteServer may
only be used for hosting and maintaining the resources for that
communication. As with JINI-Technology, the client (active XML/SVG-element)
may load code or proxy-code from the SiteServer that does the communication
with the data/event-source.

All this could be done, if there is just an !!"Active XML/SVG-element"!!,
which is, for example, free Java-code itself or is able to load free code.
If this is possible, any communication to the data/event-source is possible
and then (depending on the events) properties of SVG/XML-elements may be
accessed via the DOM for example.

But, you say it too, this approach is a XML-approach. Even a XML-based
database, for example, needs to be active for some applications.

What is the opinion in this mailing-list, to request an active XML-element?
I know: The described communication requirements are not in the scope of the
XML-specification. The description of the above scenario is only used to
describe, from what point of view the request comes from.
I do not believe in scripting languages as a general solution.

Ernst Boehl
Received on Monday, 20 November 2000 19:26:27 UTC

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