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From: Dave Pawson <dave.pawson@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 2 Dec 2010 17:06:38 +0000
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6.4.6 fo:page-sequence-wrapper

Common Usage:

The fo:page-sequence-wrapper formatting object is used to specify
inherited properties for a group of fo:page-sequence formatting

Trait Derivation:

Except for "id", "index-class", and "index-key", the
fo:page-sequence-wrapper has no properties that are directly used by
it. However, it does serve as a carrier to hold inheritable properties
that are utilized by its children.

We have to guess what properties are allowed on the fo I think.

Is it any property that might belong on a page-sequence child of

    7.10.1 country
    7.27.19 flow-map-reference
    7.26.1 format
    7.10.2 language
    7.26.4 letter-value
    7.26.2 grouping-separator
    7.26.3 grouping-size
    7.30.8 id
    7.24.1 index-class
    7.24.2 index-key
    7.27.7 initial-page-number
    7.27.6 force-page-count
    7.27.9 master-reference
    7.21.3 reference-orientation
    7.29.7 writing-mode

Is that right please?

  Note also there would appear to be no description of how the
index-class/index-key properties
are used on this fo?
[In which case why are index-class and index-key pulled out as special?]


Dave Pawson
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