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[ANN] Axos Technologies released FormMapper

From: Jost Klopfstein <jost@axostech.com>
Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2006 13:19:12 -0700
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Dear list subscribers,

Axos Technologies is pleased to announce Axos FormMapper.

Repurpusing forms?
Bulding new ones?
Check out www.FormMapper.com

or download your FREE trial copy at

Axos FormMapper is a rapid design tool for creating print templates for
static layout forms and documents with embedded variable data. Simply re-use
an existing empty PDF form as a background, draw boxes for the variable XML
data on top, and map the boxes to their corresponding XML data structure
elements from a model XML data file. The resulting template can be used
repeatedly with an XSL-FO rendering engine to output PDF and Postscript

Using the iterative graphical design interface, you can easily and quickly
create a template layout, assign individual box display characteristics and
conditional logic, and preview the template with sample data.

 - Output conforms to W3C's XSL Formatting Objects (XSL-FO).
 - Supports the RenderX XEP Engine for output to PDF or Postscript.
 - Graphical expression builder for mappings.
 - Three box types: single-line text box, multi-line text box, and check
 - Box display attributes: font family, size, color, style, and alignment.
 - Overflow control to handle data that exceeds box dimensions.
 - Conditional XPath for data-driven output.
 - PDF preview of your template with data mappings using sample data from
the XML file used for mapping, or from testcase XML data files.
 - XML file used for mapping can correspond to one form or to multiple forms
 - 3 levels inheritance of settings and controls.

Axos FormMapper dramatically reduces the time and effort required to produce
personalized template-driven printed forms and documents.   Possible uses
include: insurance policies, government forms, consumer product offers,
account statements and more.

Download a FREE Axos FormMapper evaluation copy TODAY!

Axos FormMapper can be purchased alone, or as a package with the RenderX XEP
Engine.  For more information and pricing visit the FormMapper website at
www.formMapper.com or contact Axos Technologies at:

Axos Technologies
OnDemand & Transactional Document Solutions, powered by XML
Phone: +1 (604) 628-2248
Email: sales@axostech.com
Web: www.axostech.com
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