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From: Lila Chene <chene@lra.fr>
Date: Mon, 05 Feb 2001 11:59:13 +0100
Message-ID: <3A7E8781.6C9EE29E@lra.fr>
To: www-xsl-fo@w3.org

I try to be clear with my english! I have a problem with generation pdf
documents! my problem is that I start in this langage ""pdf generation
with xsl-fo and xml documents"",  and I did a xsl-fo document In my pdf
version I must have a static table with two columns! the title of the
first column is ""premiere journee (first day)"" and the the second
column with title ""deuxieme journee (second day)"" and fist chapter,
first paragraphe or first alineas are in the first column and the others
in the second columns
the problem is I did all the possible applications but I don't have the
title ""premiere journee and deuxieme journee"" but I have the others in
the order. please could you say me what is wrong in my application!!

many thanks for your any ideas.


<xsl:template match="journee">
<xsl:call-template name="nomJournee"/>

<!--<fo:block font-weight="bold" font-size="10pt"
<!--<fo:block><xsl:value-of select="//jour.cours"/></fo:block>-->
<fo:block><xsl:value-of select="cours.alinea1"/></fo:block>

&lt; 5]"/>

<xsl:template name="nomJournee">
   <xsl:when test="@type='premier_jour' or @type='deuxieme_jour' or
@type='troisieme_jour' or @type='journee_complementaire' or
 <xsl:variable name="jour"
select="count(preceding-sibling::journee[@type='premier_jour' or
@type='deuxieme_jour' or  @type='formation'])+1"/>

        <xsl:when test="$jour=1"><fo:inline
text-decoration="underline">Première Journée</fo:inline></xsl:when>
 <xsl:when test="$jour=2"><fo:inline
text-decoration="underline">Deuxième Journée</fo:inline></xsl:when>
 <xsl:when test="$jour=3"><fo:inline text-decoration="underline">Journée
      <xsl:otherwise>jour n°<xsl:value-of
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