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RE: Can XInclude Processors Rewrite IDs and References?

From: Jonathan Marsh <jmarsh@microsoft.com>
Date: Mon, 29 Mar 2004 13:37:48 -0800
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To: <ekimber@innodata-isogen.com>, <www-xml-xinclude-comments@w3.org>

That section talks about rewriting the [references] property to match up
with duplicate IDs, not ID rewriting.  XInclude does not provide
specifically for ID rewriting, in fact a conformant processor should not
perform any.

However, if you want to perform ID rewriting or some other infoset
transformation either before inclusion or after XInclude processing, you
are free to do so.  I'd just ask you to document it as outside the
bounds of XInclude so your users understand where interoperability
"guarantees" leave off.

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> Subject: Can XInclude Processors Rewrite IDs and References?
> I am implementing XInclude processing in XSLT by generating a new
> result document in memory. This means that I'm not literally creating
> new info set.
> In my use cases it is essentially a certainty that IDs will be
> duplicated among the member documents included (because otherwise it
> would be necessary to make IDs unique across all possible documents,
> which is neither practical nor, in the abstract, necessary).
> Therefore I must rewrite IDs and their references.
> I want to confirm that my reading of the 10 November Working Draft
> allows this processing. In particular, I intepret the 3rd bullet under
> 4.5.3:
>    o The result infoset has ID clashes - that is, more than one
> attribute with attribute type ID with the same normalized value. In
> case, attributes with attribute type IDREF or IDREFS with the same
> normalized value might have different values for their references
> properties.
> as indicating that the effective target of references to duplicated
> will be to the original elements (as included), that is, that "might
> have different values for their reference properties" is the infoset
> equivalent of ID rewriting.
> Is my interpretation correct?
> Thanks,
> Eliot
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