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[Bug 4913] Revise incomparability story to account for XPath evaluation

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Date: Sun, 30 Nov 2008 03:59:41 +0000
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--- Comment #4 from Dave Peterson <davep@iit.edu>  2008-11-30 03:59:41 ---
(In reply to comment #2)

> "However, some schema >structures< processing involves XPath expressions; when
> evaluating these expressions, the rules of XPath apply."
> Reason:  while the original proposal is both correct and in the style of
> similar warnings, I think this is an easy way to assure people that they need
> not scan the rest of the Datatypes specification looking for edge cases that
> use XPath.  Given that our datatypes are used in contexts other than
> structures, I think it's of at least small incremental value to point out that
> the XPath dependency is only in structures.

I don't see that this helps, though I understand your concern.  The problem is
that the only "processing" that is "schema processing" *is* "schema structures
processing".  As applied to datatypes, the only schema (structures) processing
is that which can be used to define user-defined datatypes, or to describe
built-in datatypes.  I suspect that what you are looking for is reassurance
that datatype description using simple type definition components won't involve
XPath.  (One can, of course, conjure up datatypes without using schema
processing--a process about which we have nothing to say.)

In any case, I'll try to make some sort of comment that will give the
reassurance you're looking for.

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