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[Bug 6155] Data Types Should Provide Re-Format Facet

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Date: Fri, 24 Oct 2008 08:58:57 +0000
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--- Comment #6 from Axel Dahmen <brille1@hotmail.com>  2008-10-24 08:58:57 ---
I've just read the blog... Michael, this is GREAT work you've done!

I particularly like the idea of shaping an expression back to it's original
lexical space to make XML Schema bijective. That raises the idea to 200 %!

But I tend to believe that XPATH translate() won't provide sufficient
functionality. How could it, for example, translate the following date values
into valid xs:date values (and back):

  MM.dd.yyyy   (US American)
  dd.MM.yyyy   (German)

I suspect Regular Expression to be a more flexible way to translate arbitrary
lexical spaces by identifying and retaining informational part strings.


  <!-- (US American date) -->

  <!-- (German date) -->

Your thoughts?

(I've posted my reply to your blog as well)

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