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Re: 2E PER: scope of comments/review on PER?

From: Henry S. Thompson <ht@inf.ed.ac.uk>
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 2004 10:24:23 +0000
To: Jeremy Carroll <jjc@hplb.hpl.hp.com>
Cc: www-xml-schema-comments@w3.org
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Jeremy Carroll <jjc@hplb.hpl.hp.com> writes:

> what is the appropriate scope of review and comments on the PER
> I am particularly interested in datatypes, and was thinking of
> reviewing using the errata and the new version to make comments about
> the changes beteween the new PER and the REC of 2001.
> Is that appropriate?

Yes -- the appropriate target for review _of the PER_ is the set of
changes since the 1st edition of 2001.

Of course comments about unchanged material are also in order, but
it would simplify the WG's life if they could be held until after
2E is published as a REC (or knocked back).

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