use of anySimpleType in schemas

Dear xml-schema colleagues, 

I maintain an API for processing UAProf, an Open Mobile Alliance standard
which uses RDF. One of the major changes with UAProf V2.0 [1] is it adopts
the XML Schema based approach for RDF datatyping proposed in the recent
RDF-core Working Draft [2]. However when I try to process the XML Schema [3]
produced by the UAProf drafting committee XML Schema tools report errors as
the schema uses anySimpleType.

Please can you tell me whether using anySimpleType in this way is legal?
Despite reviewing the specs and your issue list, I am afraid I am still
confused? I suspect that E1-22 [4] in the errata for XML Schema is intended
to clarify this but I'm afraid the decision is not clear to me? I note Jane
Hunter [5] has also asked the same question, although in a different
context, so perhaps you can point me to your reply?

thanks in advance, kind regards


Dr Mark H. Butler
Research Scientist                HP Labs Bristol

Received on Monday, 1 December 2003 12:11:47 UTC