Re: XML Schema Design Issue.

Kartik Babu <> writes:

> Is it currently possible to do this with XML Schema
> I have the following dtd:
> <!ELEMENT person (name,pid,sex,(parent,parent?)?,child*) >
> <!ElEMENT parent (#PCDATA)>
> now my question is that the role must either mother or father, which is
> easy to do. But, under the current XML specification, can I, without any
> changes to the given DTD make it such that a particular person cannot
> accidentally have two mothers or two fathers. How can I enforce that if a
> person has two parents listed only one can be role=mother and only one can
> be role=father ?

W3C XML Schema doesn't provide co-constraints, that is, some form of
equational logic relating the values of attributes and elements.
However, your particular problem can be solved by defining 'role' as a
key for 'parent' elements within 'person' elements, thereby requiring
them not to have the same value:

 <xs:element name="person">
    . . .

  <xs:key name="forceHetero">
   <xs:selector xpath="parent"/>
   <xs:field xpath="@role"/>


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