Any plan to extend Key and KeyRef element for a better support of XPath?

Hi all,
I have the following XML fragment:
    <foo name="Region"/>
    <foo name="Country"/>
    <data value="$2,300,450">

I want to use the following key in the definition of the foo elements:
<key name="myKey">
  <selector xpath="."/>
  <field xpath="@name"/>

Now I would like to define the following keyRef for my data elements:
<keyRef name="myKeyRef" ref="myKey">
  <selector xpath="./*"/>
  <field xpath="name()"/>

In the current specification of XML Schema, this keyRef is not valid
because there is no support to the name() function of XPath in field.

Is there any plan to extend the support of XPath in the future 1.1 Schema
specification? I think it would be really useful and at no extra cost for a
schema processor.


IBM Silicon Valley Laboratory

Received on Monday, 13 October 2003 07:16:08 UTC