Re: Annotation allowed on XML representation of attribute use (Possible erratum? )

Noah Mendelsohn <> writes:

> Is there draft text floating around anywhere?

Yes, Mary and I drafted it some time back:

  Here's a proposal for addressing RQ-14, RQ-19, RQ-130 and RQ-131:

    1) All components have an {annotations} property;
    2) It contains a sequence of annotations;
    3) Namely all annotations "scoped" by this component, but not "scoped"
       by any other component "further down".
    4) The order of annotations within {annotations} is
    5) There is no schema-generic way to tell what parts of a
       component/what elements in a schema document a given annotation in
       an {annotations} applies to.

This is in some minutes somewhere, I believe, but I can't immediately
locate where.

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