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Editorial comment: E2-23 confuses values with lexical representations

From: by way of <staschuk@telusplanet.net>
Date: Tue, 24 Dec 2002 11:28:57 -0700
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	The values of the Year, Month, Day, Hour and Minutes
	components are not restricted but allow an arbitrary
	unsigned integer i.e. an integer that conforms to the
	pattern [0-9]+.                       [erratum E2-23]

Integers, of course, do not conform to patterns; strings do.  (Or
at least, the sense of "match" in which integers match patterns is
not defined in section 1.4.)

Imho, what is needed here (and elsewhere) is something along the
lines of:

	The Year, Month, Day, Hour and Minutes components are
	values of type nonNegativeInteger.  The Seconds
	component is a value of type decimal.

The recommendation already takes this approach in certain places,
e.g., in the definition of facets.  The benefit, of course, is
that all the fiddly bits -- whether leading zeroes are allowed,
whether digits are required before/after the decimal point, etc.
-- can be dealt with in a single place in the document.

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