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Editorial comment: "truncation" is not defined

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Date: Tue, 24 Dec 2002 11:28:59 -0700
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_Part 2: Datatypes_ frequently defines the lexical representation
of one type as a "truncation" of that of another, without ever
defining what is meant by this term.  Sometimes it seems to have
the conventional meaning of omitting characters from one end of a
string, as in:

	The lexical representation for gYear is the reduced (right
	truncated) lexical representation for dateTime: CCYY.

Other times the omitted characters are replaced by other
characters, as in:

	The lexical representation for gDay is the left truncated
	lexical representation for date: ---DD .

It's not difficult to understand what is meant, but the document
overall aspires to (and for the most part handily achieves) a
higher standard of precision.  For consistency, I'd like to see
the term defined in 1.1.

Or omitted entirely.  It would be just as easy, and as clear, to
give the picture and refer to the appendix for the details of each
field, without referring to other types.

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