RE: Dates with timezones

I think it's the "T" that is causing confusion.  This is the time
that separates the time fields from the date fields in a dateTime.

The time zone is specified as hh:mm or Z following the lexical format
for date, gMonth etc.  For example 2002-03-22-05:00 for date and
1999-05-05:00 for gYearMonth.

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Subject: Dates with timezones

I am having trouble determining from XML Schema Part 2 whether a date
has a timezone should be written 2002-03-22-05:00 or 2002-03-22T-05:00.
same applies to gYear, gYearMonth, etc.

There seem to be no examples of these formats in the document, and there
no patterns given to specify the lexical value space. ISO 8601 is no
because it does not permit these formats.

Under date (section 3.2.9) it is stated that "An optional following time
zone qualifier is allowed as for dateTime". But the term "time zone
qualifier" is not actually defined in the section on dateTime.

In general I would expect to find a "T" between the date part of the
and the time part, and I would regard the time zone as being within the
part. But I can't see anything anywhere that tells me whether the "T" is
required here.

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