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Subject: Request for additional dateTime datatypes


In trying to derive a datatype for the W3CDTF
(, I came up with:

<xs:simpleType name="W3CDTF>
  <xs:union memberTypes="xs:gYear xs:gYearMonth xs:date xs:dateTime"/>

This will nearly do it except for the YYYY-MM-DDThh:mmTZD case (dateTime
with no seconds).

How about a xs:dateTimeNoSeconds datatype?  Or better yet a xs:W3CDTF
[AM] This is not quite what you want but you could create a datatype,
derived from dateTime using a pattern that insisted that the seconds
always be zero.

Another observation:  I don't have a specific need for these, but why
there gHour, gMinute, gSecond, gHourMinute, or gMinuteSecond datatypes,
similar to the gYear, gMonth, etc. datatypes?  They could be used for
that recur at a specific time each day, for example.
[AM] We have had a lot of negative reactions to the gYear, gYearMonth,
gMonth and gMonthDay datatypes.  People claim they are not useful and
because they are in the spec they have to be implemented.  So, I'm not
we will get agreement to add the datatypes you suggest.


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