Is it possible to base new types on "anySimpleType"? For example, 
within the Dublin Core schema we want to define a generic element which 
cannot have children or be 'mixed' but has a 'lang' attribute:

  <complexType name="DCelementType"
       <extension base="anySimpleType">
         <attribute ref="x:lang" use="optional"/>

   <element name="date" type="DCelementType/>

This approach allows users to restrict the base type in their own 
application profiles. For example, if a user wants their date element 
to use the more constrained 'date' datatype, they can define their own 
element based on the dc:DCelementType, in their own schema:

 <element name="myDate">
       <xs:restriction base="dc:DCelementType">
           <extension base="date">
             <attribute ref="x:lang" use="optional"/>

If this is not permitted, then do you have any other suggestions for 
how to do what we're trying to do - define a base simple type with a 
'lang' attribute - from which it is possible to derive other simple 
types such as date, anyURI, string etc.

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Received on Monday, 13 May 2002 20:04:15 UTC