Discussion of several Schema issues and questions

For the last several months architects at the Open Applications Group
Incorporated <http://www.openapplications.org/>  (OAGI)  have been deeply
involved in the modernization of OAGIS, the Open Applications Group
Integration Specification. The OAGI recently released OAGIS 8
ns.org/downloads/oagis/loadform.htm> , a modernization project that replaced
a very early (and somewhat arcane) DTD-based specification with one that
builds on many Schema features and capabilities. 

During the re-architecture process, we encountered all of the surprises that
serious Schema users encounter. Many of these have been discussed to varying
degrees on xmlschema-dev. However, our requirements have exercised Schema
quite heavily and in ways that differ from or go beyond typical usage.  This
experience, and the need to address several issues in future releases, has
left us with several questions and concerns regarding current and future XML
Schema Recommendations.

We have compiled a list of issues and questions that we would like to share
with and discuss with members of the Schema Working Group. We would like to
know how we should pursue this - whether we should submit the list to this
forum, meet with one or more members, etc. It would be helpful if we could
be included in follow-up discussions about these topics, and/or if we could
receive pointers to prior discussions of these topics.

We'd be interested in learning which of our issues are rooted in theory (and
thus unavoidable) and which might be addressable, either by us taking a
different  approach or in possible future Schema recommendations. 

It is possible that some of OAGIS' requirements might suggest or anticipate
solutions that you have already addressed or that you are working on. It's
also conceivable that OAGIS 8.0 could establish "evidence of need" as input
into problem understanding and prioritization. 

We'd appreciate any guidance in how to best proceed.

Thank you.


Mark Feblowitz
XML Architect
The Open Applications Group Incorporated and Frictionless Commerce

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Received on Monday, 13 May 2002 14:33:47 UTC