how can I extend a schema?? need help, please.

Hi there,

I have this core schema (Core.xsd) that describes a transport problem. It 
only contains some basic elements and complex-types and it is actually 
meant to be a base to extend from. Now my problem is this:
How can I extend this Core.xsd schema, in say CoreExt1.xsd, by adding new 
elements and new types, derive from core-types and refer to these core 
elements without actually modifying/altering the core schema in this 
operation (all changes to be made are in the CoreExt1.xsd).

I have tried using <xsd:redefine> to redefine the core complex-types, and 
it all worked fine for me until I needed to set some of the attributes (say 
Attribute A) newly defined in the new CoreExt1.xsd as unique 
(<xsd:unique>). The problem I run into is that the <xsd:unique> tag for, 
say attribute A (defined in the complex-type `someNewType`), cannot be 
defined inside the element that contains that attribute (`containingA` 
element). And, instead, it has to be defined in a parent of that element. 
(basically a scope problem)
<xsd:element name="containingA" type="someNewType">
     <xsd:unique name="UniqA">
          <xsd:selector xpath="." />
           <xsd:field xpath="@A" />
(Note: I also thought of changing the selector xpath to 
".//MyNamespace:Rootparent". It won't work!)

Unfortunately, I don't have access to that parent element, while using 
redefine. (The same problem is encountered when using <xsd:key> !!)

There might be a way around it using <redefine> ( I wish I could find it !) 
, but It has to be also a way of extending an XSD and being able to access 
all the elements in that XSD from within a new XSD.

Thank you for your help.

Mehdi Bennani
Soft. Eng

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Received on Wednesday, 3 April 2002 14:07:04 UTC