schema enhancement requests

Hi all,

There are 3 things that would make the XML Schema standard even better than it
already is. These are issues that are probably the result of the attempt to
keep a small footprint for parsers but as the standard matures, so should the
parser IMHO.

Here they are in order of annoyance;

1) The 'all' function is very limited in its options. I would like to be able
to set a maximum amount bigger than 1 and combine 'all' with 'choice'
or 'sequence' so that I can control for example that an element has 2 child
elements of flavor 'A' and 0 to 4 child elements of flavor 'B' or 'C' in any
Perhaps the best way would be to replace the 'sequence' and the 'all' 
groups by
a new group 'children' which has a boolean attribute called 'ordered', if set
to true the children must appear in the specified order, otherwise they can
appear in random order.

2) Extending a complex type should not fixate the order in which child 
must occur (first the child elements of the base type and then the additional

3) Full support of the XPath standard.



Received on Wednesday, 3 April 2002 14:07:04 UTC