Re: [Priority Feedback] More issues with <redefine/>

On 20 Dec 2000, Henry S. Thompson wrote:

> Asir wrote
> > I request the WG to remove 'including modified component definitions' and
> > consider this powerful feature for XML Schema 2.0 or later.
> I strongly oppose this, we need it and it's very easy to implement.

I agree with Henry on this one. I am currently working through a
reimplemation of XHTML Modularization with XML Schemas, and it simply
cannot be done without <redefine> without becoming a different animal.

For XHTML modularization, it seems that we could get rid of restriction
and extension (on elements) without any tears, interestingly. 

But the text concerning redefine does need work.

Rick Jelliffe
Academia Sinica

Received on Wednesday, 20 December 2000 15:14:07 UTC