Re: Extension and Restriction of Wildcard Attribute

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"Asir S Vedamuthu" <> writes:

> First, I would like to observe that extension of wildcard attribute is not
> the same as restriction of wildcard attribute. And, these two items are
> clearly under specified in the structures draft.

I agree that this needs clarification -- the hard subcase of
restriction and extension are not covered.

> In the structures draft, both extension and restriction of wild card
> attribute is described using an arbitrary intensional ( or in tensional :-/,
> Microsoft spell check accepts the latter) intersection [1x]. Nothing is
> specified in the context, extension or restriction. 
> For discussion, I use two complex types A and B. B is derived from A. These
> two types have wild card attributes in the surface syntax.
> [Case 1] B extends A. Spec says that the resulting wild card attribute of B
> is the arbitrary
> intersection of wild card attribute of A and B (found in surface syntax).

This is one case that's not covered -- it doesn't say anything at all
about this case.  Or rather, what it does say doesn't take account of
the base type's wildcard, if present.

> Proposed resolutions
> (a) Clearly specify what does extension or restriction of wild card
> attribute mean?

For sure.

> (b) If extension, it is the union of wild card attribute of A and B

Probably, yes, modulo the need to be able to express this.  What is
union of [not a] and [b c]?

> (c) If restriction, it is the intersection of wild card attribute of A and
> B, iff the result is the wild card attribute of B

Yes, I think so.

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