Dear XML Schema editor,

I know that the key and kefRef elements augment XML's ID/IDREF mechanism.
However, does key and kefRef also augment XML's IDREFS mechanism? For
example, does key and keyRef support the below data population?

<color colorName="red"    r="255"  g="0"    b="0"/>
<color colorName="green"  r="0"    g="255"  b="0"/>
<color colorName="blue"   r="0"    g="0"    b="255"/>
<color colorName="purple" r="255"  g="0"    b="255"/>

 <Person name="Mike" favoriteColors="red blue green"/>
 <Person name="Jeni" favoriteColors="blue purple"/>
 <Person name="Curt" favoriteColors="green"/>
 <Person name="John" favoriteColors="blue purple green"/>

If not, I believe it would be an improvement if this ability where added to
the XML Schema specification.

If it already does, please check to see if the current documentation
clearly indicates this ability?


Mike McCaleb

Received on Friday, 15 December 2000 17:00:45 UTC