Re: Absence of "whiteSpace" facet

Sorry for the delay in replying -- I've been on the road for two
weeks. writes:

> firstly, congratulations on the quality of the (proposed) XSD
> specification.


> My interpretation of this facet is that rather than being a constraining
> facet (i.e. whether an initial value can/not contain white space) it
> defines how an initial value will be normalised before validation (e.g. of
> length, enumerations etc.) is applied. In other words it directs the parser
> to ignore,collapse or observe the whitespace when validating the content.
> In effect it safes having the translate the document (in order to massage
> whitespace) prior to validation.

That's roughly correct.  It controls the whitespace processing
performed in computing the [schema normalized value] property of
attributes and (some) elements, which in turn is what is validated and 
what should be used for most if not all subsequent processing.

> On the assumption that the this interpretation is correct (living
> dangerously here) what is the impact if no "whiteSpace" facet appears in
> the simpleType definition?  Can I assume that "preserve" is the default
> behaviour?

Depends on the type.

  1) 'token' or derived from token: collapse;
  2) otherwise 'CDATA' or derived from 'CDATA': replace
  3) otherwise 'string' or derived from string: preserve
  4) otherwise collapse

> I hope you find the attached comments/opinions useful, please respond if
> you think I can add any value by expanding on them.

Thanks, they'll go in to the records.

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