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DOM WG comments on the schema Last Call

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Date: Thu, 25 May 2000 15:35:30 -0400
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>> there is no infoset defined for the schema

I am  increasingly intrigued by the notion (which I have mentioned
privately to one or two members of the workgroup) that we should rename our
schema components "element declaration information item", "complex type
definition item", etc..  We have gone to great lengths to define the analog
of infoset for schemas, and it is obvious that there is confusion about
what we have done.  Furthermore, this change makes clear the relationship
of our PSV contribution components to the rest of the infoset.

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The DOM WG unfortunately has not been able to go through the
Last Call Schemas WD in depth. We have not noticed any
problems in our overview. There is one issue we would like to raise,
which is that there is no infoset defined for the schema. The lack of
an infoset for XML caused the DOM WG problems in Level 1, and
we would like to avoid such problems reoccurring by
recommending that the Schemas WG define an infoset to go with
the XML Schema definition language.


Lauren Wood, Chair, DOM WG
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