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Few comments

From: Curt Arnold <carnold@houston.rr.com>
Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2000 07:56:59 -0500
Message-ID: <002201bfaf7e$e8d0c780$9344a018@houston.rr.com>
To: <dd@mclink.it>, <www-xml-schema-comments@w3.org>
I am a long time observer of the W3C XML Schema spec and not a member of the
W3C or the working group, so what I'm going to say is not official W3C, but
things covered in previous posts.

List separators: The working group explicit decided to allow only the space
separated lists at this time.  Even getting that took a whole lot of work.
Some other W3C work (scalable vector graphics) for instance does use other
delimiters and if this is going to be changed it will be done to accomodate
the uses in other W3C efforts.

Localized numerical representations: The lexical representations were chosen
for their unambiguity.   For instance, the timeInstant format is an
undesirable presentation format in all locales.  In general it is assumed
that localization of presentation would be done in transformations or
applications.  Definitely, wanted to avoid the case of not being able to
determine (or worse guessing) whether a comma was a digit separator or a
decimal point.  You could create an italian decimal as a derived class from
string, however min/max would be interpreted as string comparisions.

I believe that the maxOccurs issue was an oversight, has been reported here,
and will be corrected.

The schema group stated that aggregate types were outside the scope of the
initial version.  Derivation by list was a hard fought exception to that

If you are interested in discussions of dimensional units in XML, I can send
you URL's to quite a few discussions.

Thanks for your comments
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