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Please ignore anything that is in the spec that I missed.

1) I don't see any provision for unix time integers (# of seconds since
1970), as returned by C's time() function. This is a very useful way of
encoding timestamps (date & time) programmatically, as it requires no
conversion and works with almost every modern programming language.  It
is easily translated into local time, gmt, etc, and is accurate to the
second, unlike many of the IS0 8601 encoded dates.

2) Similarly, it would be nice if output from unix's 'date' utility was
also an accepted format, as many unix scripts use this utility.  Here is
an example:

libby: ~>date
Sun May 30 19:24:15 PDT 1999

3) Glad to see that numeric ranges,  string (and binary) length is in

4) I would like to use xml-schemas (or equivalent) in a current project
I have, where I must validate xml data.  Is there any software available
yet that conforms to the draft, or do you know of any being worked on?
My language of choice is python...


Dan Libby
Netcenter Engineering
Netscape Communications.

Received on Sunday, 30 May 1999 23:12:29 UTC