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Element/Attribute Usage Suggestions

From: Richard Rathmann <rrathmann@csc.noaa.gov>
Date: Fri, 28 May 1999 13:49:08 -0400
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To: www-xml-schema-comments@w3.org
Should there be a "usage" or similar attribute on <elementType> and
<attrDecl> elements (or even inheritable from other schema elements) which
suggests a guideline for when to use an element or attribute?

Elements currently don't have this, beyond setting the number of times it
may occur within a given content model.  Attributes are limited to being
required (#REQUIRED), fixed (#FIXED), or defaulted/optional (I group these
two together as #IMPLIED is essentially equivalent to defaulting to a
"null" value).  In addition to adding these three options to a "usage"
attribute for elements, additional values may be provided for
"mandatory/required when applicable," "recommended," and "recommended when
applicable."  In the Text Encoding Initiative's Guidelines for Electronic
Text Encoding and Interchange element/attribute reference list
(<http://etext.lib.virginia.edu/bin/tei-tocs?div=DIV1&id=REFTAG>) they use
three letter codes (REQ, MWA, REC, RWA, and OPT) for usage field values
when describing attributes for each element.  I feel that these (with the
possible addition of FIX) would make suitable enumerated values for a
"usage" attribute.

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