Re: XLink 1.1: Xlink vs "legacy" linking

* Norman Walsh wrote:
>/ Bjoern Hoehrmann <> was heard to say:
>| Describing a new format's integration into existing infrastructure is
>| about the most basic and obvious requirement for W3C Technical Reports.
>| I want to make a user agent that is both a conforming XHTML user agent
>| and a conforming XLink application. That's either a stupid idea in which
>| case this needs to be pointed out in XLink or it's reasonable in which
>| case conformance to the specifications must not be mutually exclusive.
>I see your point, but I agree with Daniel. The XLink Recommendation
>can describe how an XLink processor must behave if processing an XLink

Yes, that's exactly what I am asking for, how must XLink implementations
behave for a construct like <xlink:a href="x" xlink:href="y" ...>. The
current draft does not say this is implementation-defined or subject to
other specifications or that this is a link to both resources or that
the xlink:href attribute takes precedence or whatever. 

>The XLink specification cannot proscribe HTML behavior on an
>XHTML "a" element and reasonably expect to get public support.

I don't see how it does not do that at the moment.
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