Re: XLink 1.1: xlink:href requirements

* Norman Walsh wrote:
>/ Bjoern Hoehrmann <> was heard to say:
>| section 5.4 notes
>| "The value of the href attribute must be an IRI reference as defined in
>| [IETF RFC 3987] or must result in an IRI reference after the escaping
>| procedure described below is applied." Except for the space character,
>| applying the algorithm would just render illegal IRIs XLink-compliant;
>| I do not really see how this would make sense, please replace this
>| part of the draft with something more reasonable.
>I'm sorry, could you please explain your comment in more detail, I don't
>understand your comment.

The requirement is that the value must be a IRI reference after applying
the IRI reference -> URI reference conversion algorithm. Since all URI
references are said to be IRI references, applying the algorithm makes a
difference iff a string that is not an IRI reference is converted to a
URI reference. What's the point?
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